About Us

We love travel. The sights; the sounds; the cultures; there isn’t anything we don’t love when it comes to the diverse collection of people and adventures the world has to offer. Travel has become one of the top things we are passionate about.  If we aren’t traveling, we are preparing and planning for it. We love talking about it, reading about it, learning about it, but most of all doing it! What we noticed during our preparations for our travels is that we didn’t always have the right equipment or it wasn’t the quality we expected.

At TrekUltra, we create products that not only travel well and are comfortable but are made from the highest grade materials to last years and not days.  We stand behind our products and if you’re not happy we’ll work hard to make sure you are.

If you love camping, hiking, traveling, backpacking, river rafting, hunting, fishing, missions, soccer games, gazing at the stars, or you just want to prepare in case of an emergency, then stay on the ride with us and we’ll take you there!


The TrekUltra Team