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Trek Ultra’s Solar Powered LED Light Leads the Way

I recently went on a remote camping adventure to an extremely rural area in the far reaches of northern New York.  This wasn’t the type of trip where we needed to pack into the dense areas of the Adirondack Mountains and only have what could carry on our backs.  While driving to our site was an added bonus this time around, it by no means that we could afford to pack unnecessary items.  Camping is, after all, a practice of making the most out of time where we have the least at our disposable. 


Camping isn’t a new hobby for me by any means.  I have been doing it in one for or another for a majority of my life.  In fact, I received my first tent at age twelve and have never looked back since. My skills have been refined over the years as I read and learn through my own experiences.


Along with my skills, I have also continued to amass an impressive set of camping gear.  I have come pretty far from the day a twelve year old me receiving his first tent, though the thrill of the freedom that tent allowed me still remains with each new item I add to my repotoire. 


The gear I include to bring are things I find to be of the utmost usefulness to me while out in nature.  I explore and incorporate everything from fishing gear to tools and even a new tent as each new season rolls around and I can head back into the woods.  What I require from a good piece of camping equipment is versatility along with dependability.  And that is what I found when I recently received a solar powered camping light from the folks at Trek Ultra.


I am always skeptical when it comes to something that is considered survival gear.  It is by no means that I make this claim with any pride, but I have broken a number of pieces of survival gear in my time as I camp.  Things get pushed too hard and stuff snaps or burns out.


This is especially true of camping lights.  I have one headlamp that has stood the test of all my night fishing and camping adventures over the past dozen years, but it requires batteries and sometimes (whenever I really, really need them) those seem to die.


While the light from Trek Ultra isn’t a headlamp, it does have some incredible features that make it a wonderful edition to my camping outfit.  The first is that it is a solar led light and seems to last a long time.  When we first got set up at our site, I put it out on a rock to let it charge while we went about setting up camp.  It must have been there for a few hours before I put it in the tent so as not to lose or step on it. 


Later in the evening when we retired to the tent to play cards and relax, it was time to put the light to the test.  I was able to easily suspend the light from the top of the tent so it could act as an overhead light.  The light easily illuminated the entire tent without issue.  The leds are strong and seemed to last a long time.  I don’t know how long this light could last before needing to be recharged, but it easily outlasted us that evening. 


We used it again the following evening in the same way and never needed to recharge it. I was amazed at how bright this light really was and could see how it could be an invaluable resource for anyone who does a lot of camping in extreme situations.  I don’t have a ton of experience using extreme survival gear, but if I needed to recommend the best rechargeable emergency led light, this one would be it. 


When I choose gear to take when I am camping, I never make anything a final option.  I am always looking to refine what I have and to find a better product than what I currently have.  So that is why I say that, to date, Trek Ultra’s solar powered led light is the very best camping light I have used on any of my camping adventures.




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