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National Parks-Time to think about a reservation for next year and how to make that reservation

National Parks-Time to think about a reservation for next year and how to make that reservation

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Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to spend more time in the great outdoors?  Did you also tell yourself that this was the year that you were going to start using that canoe every weekend?  Perhaps you have even gone so far as to make a commitment to both yourself and your family that this year you are going to be camping a whole lot more?

If any of these New Year’s promises sound like something you’ve recently said or sound like suspiciously similar to something you were thinking, then now is the time to act!

One of the biggest hindrances to spending time camping is finding a good place to camp. While there are a vast number of fantastic state, national, and privately owned parks all over the country, many of the very best spots are quickly snapped up by campers in the know.  

So how then do you become one of these savvy campers who is able to secure prime real estate at the park of your choosing?  By making a plan and taking action.  

The very first thing you must do is to determine where you and your family would like to camp.  As was stated earlier, there are numerous campgrounds all across the country. What you need to do is to determine where you’d like to go, what you are interested in doing, and what time of year you’d like to visit.  

national park rocky mountain reservation trek ultraThere are some other key details that are  important when it comes to making a  reservation. You may find that the park you are  most excited to visit has sites that are first come  first serve. If this is the case, early action is the  only way to ensure that you are able to secure a  place. You may also want to have a backup plan  in case you find other campers have beaten you  to the site you were planning on.Two sites that  are extremely helpful when picking a campground and making reservations are
Recreation.gov and ReserveAmerica.com.  Each site has a wealth of information relating to park amenities and site availability.  They can also help you to quickly move through the reservation process and ensure that the sites you pick have the necessary items at your disposal.  

Other parks allow campers to make reservations up to five months in advance.  If you are the type of person who this appeals to, you will undoubtedly want to visit the two sites mentioned earlier in this post and ensure your reservations are made well in advance and your site is secure.  
national park natural lake trek ultra If you act now, you will find yourself with  your pick of premium sites at any number of  parks in your area.  No matter where you  decide to stay and how you decide to camp,  know that the more time you spend out in the  great outdoors, the better you will feel about  keeping those New Year’s resolutions that  you have so recently made.  No matter your preference, when it comes to making a reservation at a campground, know that the early bird catches the worm.  Water sites are some of the most coveted of all campsites and are the ones who will generally be snapped up first.  Getting a campsite around a busy holiday can also be a challenge and should be expected.

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