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Comfy While Camping

Comfy While Camping

So as the weather is starting to turn from warm summer days to chilly autumn nights, you must remember that camping simply doesn’t need to end.  Most campgrounds remain open long after Labor Day and have a number of sites readily available for impromptu trips to the great outdoors. 

But….with cooler nights just around the corner, it may be extremely important to make a few adjustments to your regular camping gear and tactics. 

1 – Socks




This should seem like a no brainer, but having a good pair of socks to help keep your feet warm at night is a tremendous advantage.  If there is one thing that can drain the fun out of an evening around a campfire it is your feet remaining cold no matter how close you get them to the fire.  Good socks are worth their weight in gold in some cases and can make or break any trip you might set off on. Hint – It may also be worth your time to pack a few extra pairs of socks.  Nobody likes to have cold feet, especially if they are wet and waiting on socks to dry. 

2 – Warm Clothes

Everyone has that one sweatshirt that they simply can not live without.  Any since you have spent the summer sweating away to the unending heat, what perfect time to start wearing it again than on that late season camping trip?? 

I personally have a zip up hoodie that I have owned for several years now.  To say that it is not my wife’s favorite would be an understatement due to its ever growing list of holes and stains, though I still greatly enjoy wearing it.  It is warm and extremely comfortable and makes for a perfect addition to any camping trip. 

Also think about packing a good pair of sweatpants to warm you up when jeans just aren’t enough.  The later it gets in the year here in New York, the more I reach for these types of pants whenever I feel a chill in the air.  The roominess of these pants allows for air to remain trapped near your skin and can help warm you up more than other options may.

3 – Protection from the ground

No matter where you are, if you are sleeping on the ground then it is a real possibility that the chilly damp feeling of the dirt below you could easily begin to seep up and ruin a good night of sleep.  If you are tenting in the wilderness, always consider it a necessity to put a tarp or some other barrier below your tent to help keep the damp away. 

It also pays to add an additional layer inside your tent as well.  You could use an additional blanket or foam pads to do this job quickly and easily.  Anything that can be used to keep you off the ground just a little bit more will take away the additional chances for your sleeping gear to absorb unwanted moisture. 

4 - Bring a fan

If you are camping in a spot that has electricity, then you may greatly benefit from bringing a fan along with you.  The noise from a fan may help to drowned out any disturbing nighttime noises and help you to sleep easier.  Moving the air around in your tent may likewise help to keep it from getting too stuffy and hot during the daytime hours.  Even with opened windows, air has a way of sitting still in a tent and magnifying the effect of the warming power of the sun greatly. 

5 - Good Lighting  

 It may also be of use to get your hands on a quality solar  powered light to pack along and keep the night from getting  too dark too quickly on you. TrekUltra has the perfect  answer for this need in their solar powered light.  It’s both  lightweight and durable with the power to light up the area  around you every time. 
A last time towards ensuring that you  remain comfortable while you are camping is to make sure  that you can see where you are going and what is around  you.  Always ensure that you have a good flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries.  Never take it for granted that the batteries in your light will last you the entire time you are out in the wilderness.  Putting a few extra batteries of varying sizes in a small sandwich bag won’t add any considerable weight to your pack, and it will ensure that what you have with you is what you need. 


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