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A Hearty Camping Breakfast Ready on the Go

A Hearty Camping Breakfast Ready on the Go

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with good reason.  Some of the heartiest breakfasts are ones high in calories and laden with meat, potatoes, and eggs.  These are the types of breakfast people go to most often to help prepare them with the needed calories for a long day of work ahead. 

Activities like hiking in dense forests, climbing mountains, and paddling rivers all require extra calories to help give you the fuel to make your time in nature all the more enjoyable.  There are a number of options when it comes to preparing a warm breakfast to help your camp feel more like home while also getting you ready for the day ahead. 

Now I know what you are already thinking.  A breakfast full of eggs, bacon, and potatoes is going to require a bunch of work.  There will be all sorts of dishes to take care of and the whole thing will take the entire morning to get together.  Well if that is how you feel then guess what, you are wrong!

The woods are the absolute last place I ever want to find myself faced with a pile of dishes and hours of challenging cooking.  A campfire is a wonderful tool to use when cooking, but without some experience, it can be a real chore to work with.  This is why I put everything together before I even pack my car or leave my home.  And guess what….the only things I need to bring this hearty and delicious breakfast with me are a few tortillas, some aluminum foil, and a resealable plastic bag to keep the whole things dry.

The How To of the Breakfast Wrap

Cold cereal and burnt toast have their place in life but can really fall short when it comes to getting ready for the day.  If you are like me, then nothing helps get the day moving better than a warm hearty breakfast. 

In my profession, I am forced to do a lot of driving early in the morning and this can make breakfast a real challenge.  Thankfully, I was clued in to a wonderful idea many years ago by a good friend who found a handy solution to never having time for breakfast in the morning. The breakfast wrap!

The directions are simple really.  The whole process can be completed in one pan in a very short time and is completely customizable to whatever you may like. 

  • One of my favorite breakfast wraps is two eggs scrambled (I season mine with a homemade BBQ rub), two slices of deli ham, some minced peppers and onions, and two slices of cheese.  All that is really required is to cook the eggs.  Once they are done, add the meat, veggies, and cheese to the pan and let them all heat together.  I like to top the pan with the tortilla it is going to be wrapped in.  This helps to soften the wrap and melt the cheese a little easier. 
  • Once the tortilla is softened a bit, remove it from the top of the pan and scoop everything from the pan in.  The best way I have found to wrap a tortilla is to lay the egg and cheese mixture in a straight line so that it runs left to right in the wrap.  I then fold both ends of the wrap in and tuck the edge closest to me over the entire mixture.  From there I just keep rolling the entire thing up until it resembles a burrito.  Next just wrap the entire thing in heavy duty foil and store in a cool dry place until it is time to eat.  These can be made ahead of time and travel extremely well in a cooler without taking up much space. 
  • Once you are ready to get breakfast together, simply put each burrito next to the coals of your fire.  Depending on the heat your fire is putting out, you may only need to keep it in there as few as five minutes before turning it over in order to let the other side heat up.  Once the wrap is heated through, simply unwrap from one end and enjoy.  
  • The versatility of this concept makes it a must have tool for anyone in need of a handy way to get a good meal in without all the hassle.  The wrap idea is also a great tool to use when it comes to other meals as well. 

Some other ideas you could consider using are:

  • Philly Cheesesteak Wraps:  Use something as easy as sliced roast beef from a deli paired with cheese, peppers, and onions
  • Cheeseburger Wraps:  Try cooked ground beef and onions mixed with cheese and topped with your favorite extras just before wrapping it up
  • Veggie Wraps:  Sauté your favorite blend of vegetables together and add a spread of cream cheese or hummus to the wrap for an added depth of flavor

In each of these recipe ideas, everything can be prepped ahead of time and wrapped in a tortilla easily enough.  Tortilla wraps make for easy and effective storage, require very few utensils to eat, can be warmed up easily or eaten cold if needed, and can be eaten on the move when time is short.  Camping meals can really be cinch when you put them in a wrap!

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October 18, 2016

Hey Ann,

Depending on where we are at when we go camping dishes can be a huge hassle. We always do our best to minimize what we cook with and if it is something that absolutely needs to be washed, we will make the trek to the wash station if possible. It has been a necessity in the past to wash dishes in a pan with water warmed over the fire, but this is a time consuming task and one you for sure need to plan ahead for. If you have a camp stove or some other means to rapidly heat water, consider this method.

Really the best advice for washing dishes while camping is to absolutely minimize what you use and dispose of nearly everything that you can. This is why it is best advice to avoid bringing your very best kitchen gear camping and rely on simple meals that are filling and easy to prep ahead. Hope this helps!


September 28, 2016

Hey, Janet, these are swell ideas. It is surprising how hungry I and others get in the morning when camping. These are swell ideas and seem to be easy to prepare.
How do you handle any of the hot or warm cooking utensils that result? Any products that you have for handling them when dirty or used?


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