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A Change in Taste and Perception

A Change in Taste and Perception:  My Personal Water Filtration Straw Review

I first learned about survival straws back in the late Fall/early Winter of 2015.  I was looking for gifts for my wife for the holidays and came across these interesting little devices.  While I didn’t opt to buy one at that moment, it wasn’t long before I had one in my hands to try out for the first time. 

Now I know the claims of what this straw is supposed to do.  It kills all harmful bacteria and helps to clean out impurities in the water in order to give you the spring water experience while drinking out of a muddy puddle.  I have seen a lot of advertisements for this kind of product helping a lot of people in disadvantages parts of the world where clean water is a real challenge and that makes it a miracle product in my mind if it works. 

So here is my first experience with my survival straw.

I’m a simple guy who has no way of testing what is in the water I am drinking.  I know that the water from my well is salty tasting due to the softener and if I drink it straight from the tap it has an off taste that is unpleasant.  I performed a test to see if this filter would take the salty taste out of the water and improve its taste.  Here was my process.

I turned the sink on and let the water run for a few seconds in order to ensure that no residual junk was sitting in the faucet.  I then filled a cup and took a drink without the straw.  The same salty taste that has been present for years was still there.  Believe me when I say I know the taste well. 

Now for the straw.  I opened the straw and twisted the end counterclockwise to open it fully.  I then plunged it into the cup and, after a bit of effort, managed to get water flowing up through the straw and was able to drink a few swallows unimpeded.  No salt taste.  Not even a whisper of it. 

I was in such shock that I repeated the process again to see if I was perhaps tired or distracted by some outside force. 

Nothing.  Not one bit of salt taste in the water at all. 

This is an extremely impressive product.  In all it takes up around the same amount of space as a glasses case and has some real potential when it comes to use backpacking or survival camping.  I don’t do a lot of the second option, but I certainly try to find myself in the mountains as often as possible.  Given that truth, I can wholeheartedly see where this survival straw would come in handy given its claims and capabilities. 

So how would I use this as an active outdoor person?  One of my greatest passions in the summer months is to paddleboard.  I love being out on the water as often as possible given the right weather.  Given the summer the northeast has had, this hasn’t been as much an obstacle.  One of the greatest uses I find for this straw has been to pack it in my bag along with my other paddling essentials. 

While I bring a water bottle with me, I always run out about midway through our paddling adventures.  The beauty of our area has always been the cleanliness of our lakes, though in recent years I keep reading about algae blooms and farm run off that make me hesitant to actively drink the water.  Drinking the water does happen from time to time, though this is generally by accident as I have a tendency to fall in even the calmest of waters.  Thanks to my survival straw, I now no longer fear running out of water or having to intentionally drink the water from the lakes. 

So what is my recommendation in the end?  If you are someone who is active outside and loves to be prepared for the worst possible situation, get yourself a survival straw and keep it in your pack.  They don’t take up much room, are easy to use, and honestly do what they say.  What more could you honestly want from a product such as this? Trust me when I say that I was a skeptic who put it up to the best test he could.  I hate the taste of my tap water and feel confident that I could pick it out of a lineup if given needed to.  This straw took the saltiness away and left me with some of the best water I have ever tasted.  If that testimony doesn’t convince you, put one to the test yourself and prepare to be amazed. 

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