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What Not to Forget When You Set Out to Hike

What Not to Forget When You Set Out to HikeIf you are willing to put the time and effort in to hike up a mountain then you should be prepared to enjoy the view when you get there.  Many people don’t live within walking distance to the places they hike so forgetting something essential can be a real
annoyance. The last thing anyone ever wants to do when they reach the summit of a mountain is to suddenly recognize that they forgot to pack what they need most in that moment.  Below is a list of some of the most useful things you should make sure you have in your pack before setting off for a days hike. 


Binoculars offer you a chance to see sights from a distance while staying put.  While there are some very expensive models to choose from there are also some very affordable options.  Most models are lightweight and generally easy to use. 


While a decent camera is going to set you back further than a pair of binoculars, it is worth the investment.  Cameras, like binoculars, are lightweight and generally easy to use.  You may want to practice with a new camera before debuting it at the summit of a mountain though as certain settings can be a challenge to understand at first.  It is also important to check the battery life on your camera and to maybe pack an extra just in case you need to take a lot of pictures.

Sunglasses/Spare Glasses

Ever been in a car and all of the sudden you find yourself heading into the sun and realize you are blinded?  Hiking is no different.  Even a cheap pair of sunglasses is worth the investment if they can help you avoid this difficult situation.  It is also a good idea to bring an extra pair of glasses or contacts in case you have an accident and find yourself in need.


This is another critical item that may be overlooked, especially in today’s technology based society.  Something that you should be aware of is that most remote camping and hiking areas offer little if any cellphone reception.  If you plan is to use a map on your phone as your means for navigation, do yourself a favor and pick up a secondary paper map.  Most local gas stations in areas that cater to the camping and hiking crowd will sell these maps. 

Something Fun

You are working hard when you hike.  If you are dedicating yourself to hiking up a mountain, make sure you have a reward for yourself when you reach the top of that mountain.  This could be something as simple as a granola bar or maybe a beer (or two).  Whatever you decide to pack, make sure it can travel well and that you pack out any trash you might have.

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