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Springing Into Action

Springing Into Action - Trek Ultra


            As the snow fades and the sun starts to have a more influential impact on our thermometers every outdoor enthusiast experiences feelings that mimic those had by children on Christmas Eve.  Another summer is on the horizon and we all have high hopes to make memories with exciting camping trips, backpacking adventures and countless other wilderness wonders.  Although we would all love to slam our boots onto our feet and race to the nearest trail we need to consider how prepared we are after a long winter. Before dashing off into the tall and uncut there is one word that needs to sing in our minds before all else and that is PREPARATION.  In the backcountry, safety, success and satisfaction all depend on being organized, equipped and ready. There are two facets that you should consider while planning the season and those are the aspects of being physically fit and ready with your equipment.  At Trek Ultra we strongly believe that without these two pieces in place, our backwoods puzzle can never even come out of the box. 

            An injury in the woods or on a trail can not only ruin a trip but also leave us in a very risky situation depending on where we are.  Being in good shape will reduce the chance of injury and soreness while enhancing the overall experience. We perform better and feel much more comfortable when we know that we have a healthy and capable body.  Doing the spring time scramble and trying to become Mr or Miss Universe three weeks before the first trip of the season will not cut it!  So get at it and use your love for the outdoors as fuel to stay healthy all year. 

            Sub-par equipment is another culprit of causing injuries.  Poor quality boots or pack can lead to a real rodeo on the mountain.  I have personally seen bad boots cause blisters that I could store spare change in and packs that have made someone’s back so sore you would think they aged thirty years throughout the day.  Aside from the physical ailments, how would we expect to haul everything we need if our pack refuses to make it half as far as we would like? Or our boots fall apart leaving a bread crumb trail of lace and sole behind us?  This time of year is when we need to review every piece of equipment we have. Make sure our leather is in good quality, our straps aren’t frayed and that we have originally invested in adequate gear in the first place.  Research is key and there are so many fantastic resources in books, at your local outdoor store and through experts such as the team at Trek Ultra.  Leave the flip flops and fanny pack at home!

            How exciting this time of year can be.  With the anticipation of getting out and experiencing this wonderful world it can be easy to cut corners or skip steps.  When it comes to being prepared however, we need to make sure that we are ready, fit and geared up to the standard that our endeavours demand.  When it really comes down to it, safety is the number one priority when heading out to any outdoor setting and being physically ready while using sound and quality equipment is the best way to ensure we are well taken care of.   

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April 19, 2016

And to be safe, we must be educated, prepared and aware.


April 02, 2016

So very good information, we must be safe when out in the Woods

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