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Camp Chairs Make the Great Outdoors Even Better

camp chairThe last decade has produced some huge advancements in the outdoor industry.  From GPS and communication hardware, to footwear and equipment, we, as hikers and backcountry enthusiasts, have countless options to choose from while acquiring our outdoor gear.  One of the major factors always taken into account while researching, purchasing and developing all of this equipment is comfort.  The allure of spending time in the backcountry is gripping and being comfortable while enjoying these wild places certainly adds to the overall experience. 

A struggle I have always had while hiking or backpacking is with seating.  Whether it is an overnight camp or simply a spot to nature watch or star gaze from, finding a comfortable place to sit or lounge is difficult.  There are some small, packable seating options available but only recently has a chair been developed that I believe really hits the nail on the head.  The Trek Ultra Tour One Camp Chair is an item that needs to find a home in everyone’s backcountry arsenal.  Although these chairs are compact and lightweight they are also incredibly comfortable with enough back height and support to please someone over six feet tall. 

You should take note that when assembled, the Tour One sits about three inches lower than a standard couch height, which ultimately is a worthy sacrifice to have something so convenient.  Especially considering Trek Ultra has designed this chair with two extra inches of back height compared to other available options.  So it is small, lightweight and conveniently designed. 

As an avid backpacker my next concern would be durability and cost.  The Tour One is rated up to 350 pounds which speaks volumes to its design and quality keeping this chair in the same category as any standard camping folder.  All of this brawn packed into a versatile mountain seat that weighs in at a minor 2.6 pounds is a pleasant surprise that deserves notice. 

When price is in question one should decide whether or not a piece of equipment is necessary before assigning any sort of value.  Trek Ultra has developed something that should be considered a necessity and needs to be regarded with types of gear such as a sleeping pad or a tent.  The fact that this chair can be considered a necessity and that it costs less than $100.00 made it a must have for me when I was planning my trips for this year.

 Whether you are just starting out or you are a frequent visitor to the back country this chair needs to find room in your pack.  Aside from backpacking the Tour One is a convenient and welcome attendee at places such as soccer or baseball games, the beach and around the campfire.  It also makes a great addition to a motorcycle side compartment or an accessory on a mountain bike.

Comfort, durability, affordability and functionality are what make up the foundation for any piece of gear we would take out into the field.  This is the same foundation that Trek Ultra has designed and built the Tour One on.   

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Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson

March 22, 2016

Thanks for the suggestion! We are always looking to improve our products. There are two reasons why they are the height they are. 1-They fold up smaller and lighter at this height and 2-The most important one, its that they are more stable when they are a little lower to the ground.

I wish they could be a little higher too! We will keep working on it and so glad you really like the chairs. We think they are pretty special!

Thanks again for taking time to comment. We appreciate it!

The Trek Ultra Team


March 18, 2016

I wish my Trek chairs would rotate and be slightly higher off the ground for us "senior citizens "
I really do like them. AEW

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